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Terje Salvesen
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For første gang har Tasanee som driver Barnehjemmet Safe haven spurt om hjelp så vi prøver å få inn litt så vi kan hjelpe henne og Barnehjemmet , vil du være med å hjelpe kan du gi direkte til henne via Thai Banken til Barnehjemmet eller på vår Norske konto som vi har brukt i mange år.

Dear Terje salvesen
I would love to thank you very much for your love and give a helping to safe haven every time when I need help. And today I want to ask some help, since when the kids are back to school, I try to fix many problems for the children like registration fees, school uniform, it is hard, but everything is going well. And now the important thing for the children I have to do is buy the health card in hospital and now the hospital calling time to get health card for the kids and now is covid-19 epidemic make me head ache, The kids 7 year up 2200 baht 20 kids so I really do need your help and have to buy insurance for the kids at school protect the kids got accidence 0ne person 300 baht and have to buy writing book also. I am very afraid to ask you for this reason, and I hope that only you can help me in this problem. I will tell you the truth that now in my bank I still have only 500 baht so that is not easy for me to fix this problem. Thank you again for every thing you are helping and supporting Safe Haven.
King regard