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       Bli med å støtt Barn , Skoler og Barnehjem i Thailand .         

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Name and Address
Kåres Party Bar
Address: Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150
Email Address
Fra Thailand (084 908 6926) Fra Norge (+6684 908 6926)

Additional Information is Kåre's Partybar's website and is meant to be a site where people with a common interest in the party bar, pattaya and thailand also have a gathering place on the internet. The site has evolved over a short period of time from being a small website with lots of humor and image viewing, to a large gathering place for several thousand members. Over time, all societies will become anarchic and rebellious if they do not set any guidelines people have to adhere to. We hope that everyone respects and follows these guidelines so that kaarethai continues to be a gathering place for people with conflicting interests.

In order to make full use of, you must register and the administrator / Terje must approve the membership manually. This is due to the misuse of the website and attempts to create maliciousness on the site. We hope this is understandable and welcome all new members. The membership at is also 100% free.

By joining the forum, you automatically agree to these guidelines.
The guidelines are subject to change without notice, but will then be announced in the forum.

1. No personal attacks.
Go for the ball, not the player when discussing on the forum. It is allowed to disagree with a case, but attack the case, not engage in personal attacks in a discussion. In case of repeated personal attacks, you can, and will, receive warnings about this, and if not taken into account, you will be banned from

2. Moderators
The forum has moderators to look after Terje's guidelines. The moderators nevertheless participate as individuals in discussions on the forum, and their posts are privately run, and not run by their moderator. If you feel that a moderator is doing something wrong and / or have a complaint about the moderator (s), send a pm to a moderator or to Terje. Further communication will be done on pm or email. Any thread started to complain or challenge a moderator will be automatically deleted. The moderators are hired to help Terje keep the forum clear of threads / posts that violate the guidelines and / or intent of We hope everyone respects this, so that the moderators can carry out their ungrateful task without having to respond publicly for any actions they do by virtue of their office.

3. IP and Proxy
It is currently prohibited to join by surfing from an anonymous IP address or a proxy. If you need to use this, please contact Kåre and explain this so that you are not deleted.

4. Pictures and other material does not want to be a moral advocate by telling users what they can and cannot share with other users, but we also do not want to get into a situation where we have to be legally responsible for violations of intellectual property law and / or any Copyrighted material. We therefore urge members to ensure that they have the necessary rights to material uploaded to kaarethai. If you are unsure of these rights, you can hotlink images so that material does not physically reside on kaarethai's server.

Have fun! kaarethai is meant as a place to have fun, and look forward to browsing, not a place where you should feel irritated even before opening the website. Use normal folk customs and behave as you want others to behave towards you. Trolling and participation only to spread discontent on the forum is not allowed and will cause you to get a warning. With repeated warning, you can, and will, be banned.

6. Thread Wrestling
Thread breaking in serious trades will be removed, you can also be banned for shorter and longer by repeating this, keep serious trades serious and have fun in junk threads

7. All materials are copyrighted

All materials available on this site are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties. This material has been placed on this website under the authority of the copyright owner for the purpose of displaying the materials of the users of this site. Users are not authorized to download or download any or all of these materials electronically, or otherwise reproduce any of the materials in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including data storage and retrieval systems, recording, printing or photocopying.